Uni camp

On 17 March 2012 geologist Dr Tas Walker from Creation Ministries International will take an excursion in the Perth area, from 8.30am -5pm. Looking at parks, gardens and scenery attendees will learn how to interpret the rocks.

For more on Dr Walker: http://creation.com/dr-tas-walker

For more details visit creation.com or contact CMI on (07) 3340 9888

POSTED 23 Dec 2011

Atheist Campaign

Creation Research reports that retired wildlife broadcaster David Attenborough has joined atheist Richard Dawkins and 30 other prominent scientists in a campaign aimed at driving out creationism and intelligent design from the classrooms. They have formed a website named Teach Evolution, not Creationism. For website: http://evolutionnotcreationism.org.uk/

For Creation Research website: http://www.creationresearch.net/index.htm

POSTED 4 Oct 2011
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Prof. Byl Lectures

Prof John Byl, professor emeritus and former chair of the department of Mathematical Sciences at Trinity Western University, Canada, will give four lectures over two nights in Perth as well as a series of lectures in Albany addressing the question: What is the Reformed view of Origins, of Science and articulating the reformed worldview. To be held in Perth 10&11 Nov 2010 @8pm at the Free Reformed Church of Southern River, Lot 16 Southern River Rd. For Byl’s blog: http://bylogos.blogspot.com/

In Albany 18&19 Nov.

POSTED 17 Oct 2010
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Made by God

Outreach media has developed a poster for Churches which has on it the words: Made by God. Bible verse: Psalm 19:1-2 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.” To see poster and read more: http://www.outreachmedia.org.au/posterArchive/june2010.php

POSTED 29 Jun 2010

Curriculum Update

The South Australian Association of Independent Schools is seeking legal advice on the banning of creationism or intelligent design in the science curriculum, saying it has concerns over government intrusion. For more: http://www.cathnews.com/article.aspx?aeid=20011

Or: http://creation.com/australian-christian-schools-in-creationism-row

For drafts and ways to take part: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Home

In Perth it will be held March 22. For more detail: consultation@acara.edu.au

To view and be part of consultation: http://www.acara.edu.au/consultation.html

POSTED 19 Mar 2010

Creation Ministries in Perth

Dr Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International is visiting Perth Mar 5-13.

  1. On Fri, Mar 5 @ 7.30pm, Armadale/Kelmscott Baptist Church, 29 Third Av, Kelmscott.
  2. Mar 7 @ 3pmWarnbro Community Church, 85 Warnbro Sound Av.
  3. Mar 10 @ 7pm, CrossRoads Bible Church, 10 Brockman Rd, Midland.
  4. Mar 11 @ 7pm, Northam Church of Christ, 91 Wellington St.
  5. Mar 13 @ 7pm, Sonrise Christian Church, Falcon e-library, Flavia St and Cobblers Rd, Falcon.
  6. In Tasmania, Creation Ministries is touring from Feb 19-Mar 14.

For details: http://creation.com/calendar

POSTED 19 Feb 2010
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