Sydney World Family Congress- Bill Muehlenberg report

The World Family Congress was held in Sydney May 15-18 2013. It brought together the world’s top experts on Family research and Family lobby organisations. Around 100 international speakers were present. According to Bill Muehlenberg, from Culture Watch, if you were not at WCF7 ‘you missed out big time. You can read the report on the event by Bill Muehlenberg.

Bill Muehlenberg also wrote a two-part article on the effects of father-absence on children and families. Part one and part two.

POSTED 21 May 2013
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Pro-Euthanasia WA Candidates Supported

The WA Voluntary Euthanasia Society ran a half page advert in the West Australian, March 6, page 21 listing pro-euthanasia candidates in the WA election. The advert ask people to vote for ‘End of Life Choice’.

It lists 16 pro-euthanasia candidates, including the 4 Greens, 8 Labor: Sue Ellery (also Emily’s List), Adele Farina, Sally Talbot (also Emily’s List),Ken Travers, Roger Cook, Mark McGowan, John Hyde, David Templeman.

Also included in the list was John McGrath, (Liberal), and Terry Redman (Nationals).

Meanwhile Paul Russell, from HOPE, an organisation working to fight against the Euthanasia culture in WA, has released comprehensive results of candidates views on euthanasia. To see where your candidates stand on this issue click here for Lower House candidates and here for Upper House candidates.

POSTED 8 Mar 2013
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Movies Create Violent Poeple?

Following the killing of 12 people at the screening of “the Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado, US, questions are being asked as to the role that violent movies and video games play in developing violent people.

Dr Ted Baehr from said: The fact is that this is an evil act committed by an evil person, who did not know the truth of Jesus Christ that would set him free from such wickedness. The answer is not more laws, the answer is not to banish movies, nor neuroscience programs, nor weapons that can be used to protect, but rather to get the Word of God out. Because ‘faith comes through hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ (Romans 10:17).’ For more on his comments click here.

Dr Ted Baehr, from also said now was the time to speak to movie makers to ensure Christian values are instilled in movies. He said now was a tremendous opportunity to encourage movie makers.

Resistant Thinking’s Cameron Spink, also wrote a blog on what people should make of the killings as did Bill Muehlenberg from CultureWatch titled Turning around a culture of violence.

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POSTED 27 Jul 2012
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QLD Pro-lifer in prison

Bill Muehlenberg from Culture Watch reports on a Queensland pro-life Christian who is back in prison, for almost a whole year, for standing up for the unborn. For story click here.

To follow the events by QLD pro-lifers see:

POSTED 4 May 2012

Marriage Bills

The European Court of Human Rights judges stated that:

  • Same-sex marriages are not a human right
  • That if same-sex couples are allowed to marry, any church that offers weddings will be guilty of discrimination if it declines to marry same-sex couples.

Bill Muehlenberg’s Culture Watch has published an article March 24 on: Why the Demand for Homosexual Marriage? where he explains what is driving those that want to introduce homosexual marriage.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs is holding an inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 (introduced by Labor MP Stephen Jones)  and the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 (introduced by Greens MP Adam Bandt).

The two bills amend the Marriage Act 1961 to legalise homosexual marriage and to recognise homosexual marriages performed in foreign countries. It will substitute the words “a man and a woman” with the words “two people” Mr Bandt is said to have sent his bill to the committee in order to give lobbyists more time to convince the Coalition to alllow its members a conscience vote (Milanda Rout, The Australian, Go Slow on Same-Sex Marriage, Greens MP Adam Bandt warns Labor, Feb 28, 2012.) It is thought that a conscience vote would mean that the amendments would pass parliament.  The closing date for public responses is 20 April 2012. The report is expected to be tabled on 18 June 2012.

Send comments to The Secretary of the Committee on 02 6277 4969 or email

Action: the Committee is asking people to take an online survey on their views of the amendment to the Marriage Act. To undertake survey:

In addition, on 8 February 2012 the Senate referred the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 for inquiry and report.

This private senator’s bill was introduced by Senator Hanson-Young.

Submissions should be received by 2 April 2012. The reporting date for the inquiry is 25 May 2012.

Submissions can be sent to:


Committee Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

T: 02 6277 5794 F: 02 6277 5794

For more on the inquiry: click here

Action: The Association for Reformed Political Action and Saltshakers is calling on people to write to their Federal MPs asking them to reject any moves by their party to introduce homosexual marriage by changing the Marriage Act.

Action: Bill Muehlenberg, from Culturewatch asks people to write to Tony Abbott encouraging him to stand strong. His email address is:

POSTED 6 Mar 2012
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Christian Education

Perth risks becoming a city without a soul as people turn away from religion and towards a culture of violence, drug use and broken families, Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey says. (The West Australian, Phoebe Wearne, Dec 17, 2011). He says non-compulsory religious educton should be reinstated in State Schools. For story: Click HERE

POSTED 23 Dec 2011
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Bill Muehlenberg Talks

The Association for Reformed Political Action, together with the Social and Political Youth Social Club is hosting the “Culture Wars” lecture series with guest speaker Bill Muehlenberg.

The Culture Wars: Christian Culture under Attack

Lecture 1 (Nov 30, 2011@8pm): Attack from Other religions

Lecture 2 (Dec 1, 2011@8pm): Attack from Secularists.

Both lectures will be held at the Kelmscott Free Reformed Church, Lake Road, Kelmscott. A collection will be held at the lectures to contribute to the funding of Bill’s work.

For more on Bill Muehlenberg visit his CultureWatch blog at

Further information:  email

POSTED 10 Nov 2011
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Another 95 Theses

Bill Muelenberg writes on his website Culturewatch about the need for some new theses for the church, (95 or so) for theses see:

POSTED 20 Nov 2010

Canberra Declaration

On July 23, 2010 the Canberra declaration was launched by Australian Christian leaders along the lines of the 2009 Manhattan Declaration and the 2010 Westminster Declaration. It declares that when Christian values are respected and allowed freedom of expression, not just confined to so-called sacred spaces but in the public arena as well, society is richer and healthier.

For more:

Action: Saltshakers asks people to read and sign the declaration:

As at Aug 3, 2010 a total of 4523 had added their signature. Among those leaders listed are Rev Albert Veldman from the Free Reformed Church of Southern River and Bill Muehlenberg from CultureWatch.

POSTED 9 Aug 2010
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