Snapshot of Marriage and Divorce in Australia

The National Alliance of Christian Leaders (NACL) reports on new marriage statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Stats show that divorces in Australia are down 2.6% at 48,935 divorces. 23,619 divorces involved 43,867 children under the age of 18. The median duration of marriage to divorce is 12.2 years.

The stats suggest that 78% of all married couples had lived together prior to marriage. 

For the ABS report, Marriages and Divorces, Australia 2011 released 30 Nov click here

POSTED 6 Dec 2012
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Divorce Fallout

A report has been released by researchers at the Australian National University that suggests that the children of divorced parents are more likely to develop long-term mental and social disadvantages. They have a greater tendency to experience mental health issues, smoke, have sex before the age of 16, and become teenage parents. For more from the ACL:

POSTED 3 Jun 2011
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Divorce Costs

One in four young adults experienced parental separation or divorce when they were a child, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics report, Australian Social Trends, released Sept 29, 2010. Compared with people whose parents did not separate or divorce, those whose did were less likely to finish school and were more likely to enter a de-facto relationship at a younger age and have a lower income as an adult. The report says the experience of parental divorce or separation, or the death of a parent can potentially impact adversely on a child’s psychological wellbeing and their economic and social success as adults.

For more:

POSTED 17 Oct 2010
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