Fred Nile’s Easter Message

Addressing Parlimanet on March 25 2013, Rev Fred Nile MLC, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, stressed the importance of Easter and the need to repent to receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. He quoted from John 3:16. Rev Nile said: “It is wonderful that God did so love the world that he gave his only begotten son. With that simple truth, it is a wonder that not everyone is a Christian.”  “I urge everyone to give serious thought to the meaning of Easter this coming weekend.” To see speech from Hansard click here. 

POSTED 27 Mar 2013

Sunday Trading

WA MLC Nick Goiran spoke in Parliament on 22 May 2012 against the WA Govt’s push to deregulate retail trading hours. He called on the Labor Party to reintroduce a motion, which it had put forward in the lower house, into the upper house. The amendment motion had called to exempt Easter Sunday as a trading day, alongside Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day. He said the Govt should respect the 2005 referendum where the majority of Western Australians rejected Sunday Trading. For full speach click here. Mr Goiran will continue his speech in Parliament in the coming days and Gleanings will keep you informed of when this occurs.

POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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Tell-a-Tourist outreach took place in London at Easter Time. From 3-6 April, a team organised by London City Mission and Open Air Campaigners took to the streets of London. For story click here.

POSTED 4 May 2012

NSW churches unite on retail hours

The NSW Council of Churches has called on the NSW Government to cease further deregulation of retail trading hours in NSW. Council of Churches President, Rev Dr Ross Clifford, said. “We are particularly concerned about proposed amendments to the current Retail Trading Act that  widens the number of businesses that can operate on restricted trading days, and also allows for the stocking of shelves on major religious holidays. We are not convinced that leisure and family time for workers, together with their freedom to worship, will not be abused by the proposed changes to the law,” Dr Clifford said.

The WA Govt has deregulated retail trading hours and recently rejected moves by the Labor Party opposition party to exempt Easter Sunday from unregulated trading.
For story from the Australian Prayer Network click here.

POSTED 4 May 2012
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Sunday Trading debate

The Retail Trading Hours Amendment Bill 2012 has passed the Legislative Assembly on 29 March 2012. It will now go to the upper house. Both the Labor and Liberal Parties voted in favour of the bill which deregulates trading hours making it possible for all shops to open Sunday. Southern River MP Peter Abetz, who abstained from voting on the bill, said that while he had no more than three emails in favour of the Bill, he had received probably 100 or more emails and letters from people who are very strongly opposed to the extension of trading hours.

The Labor Party moved an amendment to the bill to include Easter Sunday, along side Christmas Day, ANZAC Day and Good Friday as restricted trading days. This amendment was lost as the Liberal Party voted against it.

Moving the amendment. Labor Leader Mark McGowan said “I think Easter Sunday should be treated in the same way as Christmas Day, Anzac Day and Good Friday.” “I do not really see how adding another day, which is part of that Easter break that people generally enjoy, could be considered a huge impediment. The other point I make is that Easter Sunday has particular significance to people of Christian faith in Western Australia.”

In opposition to the amendment Troy Buswell said:  “Different groups have different days of observance. I was interested to discover this year that the wharfies have Melbourne Cup Day off.” “Our view is that Easter Sunday, notwithstanding its significance from the point of view of religious observance, is not a day that should be deemed off limits in terms of shops that can and cannot open.”

After the amendment was lost Mark McGowan said: “I do not understand why some members of the Liberal Party who express regularly in this place such grave concern about a range of issues to do with their religion did not vote in accordance with their conviction.”

“But people need to understand, and religious groups around Western Australia need to understand, what has just happened in this Parliament. This was not put to the government in an aggressive way or with any desire to undermine the intent of the legislation. All it was was an attempt to include Easter Sunday, a day when families get together and religious ceremonies are observed, which is part of that extended Easter period that is so important to so many families. People around Western Australia should understand that many Liberal Party members and most of the National Party defeated that intent on the part of the opposition.

To read the debate on Hansard March 29, 2012 click here.

To read Peter Abetz’s comments on the Bill (Hansard March 22 from page 16) click here.

POSTED 20 Apr 2012
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Christian Easter Eggs

Charlie Boyd, from Christian Today (Oct 2, 2010) writes that the Church of England and the Meaningful Chocolate Company have teamed up to produce a new Easter egg that mentions Jesus on its packaging. The Real Easter Egg is being launched after the Church of England noticed that none of the 80 million Easter eggs on sale this year mentioned the Christian understanding of Easter on their boxes. For story:

POSTED 17 Oct 2010

Easter’s Message

CDP leader Rev Fred Nile said in his April Salt and Light newsletter that he was concerned with the message given by Coca Cola’s new billboard which used a play with words to suggest Easter was a time of play, to a time to pray. Their new advertisement states: “Easter – Four Days of Play is Thirsty Work”.

Action: Rev Nile asks people to write to Coca Cola asking them to re think the meaning of Easter.

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