Emily’s List Behind WA Labor Candidates.

Emily;s List, the group that provides funding support and influences Labor Party preselection for pro-abortion female Labor Party candidates boasts of 13 Woman on its books for the WA March 9 election.

These include Hannah Beazley, Labor candidate for Riverton, Kathryn Mannion, candidate for Geraldton, and Simone McGurk, candidate for Fremantle. For the full list of Emily’s List candidates click here.

POSTED 8 Mar 2013

WA Labor Reshuffle

New WA Labor leader Mark McGowan has made up a new shadow ministry. Included in Sue Ellery MLC as shadow minster for Child Protection, Disability Services, Community Services, Early Childhood and Women’s Interest. Sue Ellery is a member of Emily’s List a group of Labor Party woman that support killing unborn children.

Full Emilys List: http://www.emilyslist.org.au/our-mps

Mark McGowan(member for Rockingham) contact details: Val Street, Rockingham, PO Box 5324, Rockingham Beach WA 6969. P: 08 9592 7422 e: mark.mcgowan@mp.wa.gov.au


POSTED 6 Mar 2012
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PM Talks to Emily’s List

Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke at the Inaugural Emily’s List Oration in Canberra on 13 Sept 2011. Gillard was one of the founders of Emily’s List, an organisation which promotes Labor women in parliament who support abortion. She said Emily’s List retains every part of its original urgency and relevance. “Our job is not done yet,” the PM said. “This is no time to fold up the banners or put away the cheque book.” To read Gillard’s speech see: http://www.pm.gov.au/press-office/inaugural-emilys-list-oration-canberra

Or: http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/julia-gillard-womens-rights-and-emilys-list-equality-to-come/

POSTED 4 Oct 2011
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Victoria Elections

At the Victoria Election, pro-abortion group Emily’s List supported 11 new Labour candidates in addition to the 17 sitting MPs. As a result of the election the number of Emily’s List sponsored MPs increased by 2 in the lower house with four of the new candidates winning their seats. The two sitting Labor MPs that lost their seat included Maxine Morand, who was Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development and Minister for Women’s Affairs. Emily’s List now has 13 supporters sitting in the Victorian lower house. Speaking in Perth on Dec 1, 2010, National Civic Council president Peter Westmore said his organisation distributed over 240,000 leaflets attacking the Greens’ agenda on marginal seats leading to a fall in the Greens vote in those seats by around 0.9%. In addition, though an online register, LifeVote, the NCC found over 1000 people who assisted pro-life parties.

POSTED 4 Dec 2010
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