ARPA WA Abortion Petition Fails

A petition that was tabled in the State Parliament early this year has been rejected by the investigating parliamentary committee. The Environment and Public Affairs Committee, of the State Parliament, rejected the petition’s call for an inquiry into abortions carried out in WA. The petition, signed by almost 800 people was the subject of the committee inquiry.

The committee consists of Lynn MacLaren MLC, Colin Holt MLC, Brian Ellis MLC, Kate Doust MLC and Phil Edman MLC. The committee’s contact details are:

GPO Box A11, Perth WA 6837

To read the petition, the submission by the tabling member of parliament, Nick Goiran, the submission by the lead petitioner, Warnar Spyker and the response by the Health Minister, Kim Hames click here and scroll down to petition No. 153. For a related petition, scroll down to petition 127 (A request to inquire into Late Term Abortions).

The contact details for the Health Minister Kim Hames are:, (08) 6552 5300, PO Box 5551 Falcon WA 6210.

POSTED 6 Dec 2012
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Abortion Campaign

About 750 people attended the Remembrance Walk and Rally for Life in Perth on May 22, 2012 which was organised by the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life. The 11 politicians that attended urged people to continue to praying for an end to abortion. Southern River MLA Peter Abetz said the womb had become the most dangerous place for young children to be. The West Australian’s Natasha Boddy wrote about the event.

Those MPs that attended the rally are:

• Nick Goiran MLC
• Michelle Roberts MLA
• Peter Abetz MLA
• Margaret Quirk MLA
• Graham Jacobs MLA
• Bill Johnson MLA
• Helen Bullock MLC
• Tony Krsticevic MLA
• Phil Edman MLC
• Jim Chown MLC
• Alyssa Haydon MLC

Apologies received:
• Kate Doust MLC,
• Ed Dermer MLC,
• Tom Stephens MLA,
• Helen Morton MLC,
• Donna Faragher MLC,
• Vince Catania MLA,
• Liz Behjat MLC
• Ken Wyatt MHR.

Action: As part of its annual May-June 2012 abortion theme, the Association for Reformed Political Action is asking people to thank the MPs that attended the rally, encouraging them to continue campaigning against the current abortion laws.

Action: the Association for Reformed Political Action is asking people to host a letter writing evening. For info email

Meanwhile, Nick Goiran MLC, on May 23, 2012 Hansard page 3032-3044, spoke in Parliament for the need for an inquiry into the 14 live births of children that were aborted.   Following last year’s rally around 5000 signatures were collected which called for the inquiry. Following an investigation by the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs, the committee decided to reject the petitioners call for an inquiry. Sitting on the committee is the Hon. Brian Ellis, Kate Doust, Phil Edman, Col Holt and Lynn MacLaren.

However, Goiran said in his speach to parliament that it is concerning to everyone if children that are born alive are not saved. In 2011 there were 47 induced abortions carried out at 20 weeks or more in WA. To view the Health Minister Dr Kim Hames’ response to the inquiry call, which he sent to the committee click here.

The Environment and Public Affairs Committee is now considering a petition presented by the Association for Reformed Political Action which called for an inquiry into the social and ethical impact that as resulted from the legalisation of abortion in 1998. The committee can be contacted at: or 92227410 or by post to GPO Box A11, Perth WA 6837.

The ARPA petition and its submission can be viewed here. (petition number 153). see also the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life petition No. 127)

Action: FamilyVoice is urging people to write to their local members in the upper and lower house, calling for an inquiry into the 14 live births of aborted children. Christian leaders say that it is necessary for MPs to hear, in the lead up to an election, that no Western Australian should be left to die without medical treatment.

To read real stories from real woman regarding their abortion experience see the websites below:


POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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Get Up Busy

Action group, Get Up is working actively to promote its agenda in the election campaign supported by a significant advertising blitz. On the night of July 22, 2010 across Australia Get up members got together in 202 houses, including 26 homes in WA and 4 in Tasmania. Its campaign centres on climate change, mental health, refugees and forestry. In one day last week 6000 GetUp members contacted their local politician urging action on reducing carbon pollution.

For more on their 2010 election strategy:

POSTED 26 Jul 2010
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Spirituality & Climate Change

On Aug 25, 9.30-11.30am Prof Peter Newman from the Sustainability Policy Institute, Curtin Uni will be presenting on spirituality and sustainability/climate change. “The Prophets from the Bible understood that the future was about deep choices between two types of city: the City of Fear (represented as Babylon) that lived as though there was no future and could exploit people and the environment without restraint; and the City of Hope (represented as Zion) that lived as though people and the environment mattered and should be respected..

For more:

It will be held at the Burt Memorial Hall, St George’s Cathedral. For info and reserve a spot email or call 9325 5766

POSTED 28 Jun 2010
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