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Frontline Fellowship has produced a much expanded Muslim Evangelism Workshop MP3 Boxset which includes: Comparing the Quran with the Bible; Understanding the Challenge of Islam; Uprooting Terrorism; Slavery and Jihad in Sudan; Slavery – The Rest of the Story; Guidelines for Evangelising Muslims; Challenging Muslims; The Gospel and Abraham; The Challenge of Islam according to the Reformers; Women in Islam; The End of Islam; Reformation or Islamisation; Revival Amidst Persecution in Sudan; Understanding the Crusades; The Crusades and Jihad; The Great Siege of Malta; Dealing with Guilt Manipulation; Faith Under Fire in Sudan; What is Going on in the Middle East? and Muslim Evangelism.

POSTED 22 May 2012
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Global 4-14 Summit

On Sept 6-9, 2011 the 3rd Global 4-14 Summit is being held in Singapore. The Summit is about doing mission among the demographic age group 4-14 years. In Australia the Children’s Prayer Network is seeking to raise up prayer for this generation as well as for the Singapore summit. In the lead up to the summit new prayer points will be listed on the Children’s prayer network:

POSTED 13 Aug 2011
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Evangelism Talk

On Sept 29, 2010 Dr Philip Scheepers, Lecturer in Missions at the Reformed Theological College will give a talk on “Principles of Evangelism in a multi-faith society” at the Christian Reformed Church, Gosnells, 7.30pm, 55 Mills Road, Gosnells.

POSTED 17 Sep 2010
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