Declaration of HOPE

HOPE , the national no to euthanasia organisation led by Paul Russell is asking people to sign up to the Declaration of Hope. The declaration is a statement to all parliamentarians across Australia that you do not accept nor want euthanasia and assisted suicide enabling laws.  The declaration comes as the Sunday Times, The West Australian and Community Newspaper Group pick up their pro-euthanasia campaign and comes ahead of legislation before various parliaments across Australia.

Action: HOPE asks people to visit the new website and sign the declaration.

Action: HOPE asks people to encourage others to sign it via facebook or email. 

Action: join the HOPE Network at or follow


POSTED 6 Dec 2012
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Southern River Fine Food and Craft Market

On 24 Nov 2012 the Free Reformed Church of Southern River is hosting the Fine Food and Craft Christmas Market. 8am-1pm, Southern River Road, Southern River. Money raised will go toward Pregnancy Problem House. For details email

For details see their facebook page here. 

or the Free Reformed Church of Southern River website.

POSTED 13 Nov 2012
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enex100 Sinful Sunday Promotion

With the introduction of Sunday trading in Western Australia, Perth CBD shopping centre enex100 is encouraging people to “Sin on Sunday at enex100. If you sin you get a chance to win $500 in prizes. All you need is to share your sinful sunday purchase with others on the Facebook page. enex100 is located 100 St George’s Tce, Perth. To message visit here:!/enex100

For a list of shops that are in enex100 and taking part in the promotion and other info on enex100 click here:

To tell them what you think email or call 9476 7676.

enex100 is owned by ISPT (Industry Superannuation Property Trust),

Level 4
683-703 Hay Street Mall
Perth WA 6000

ISPT’s Chief Executive Officer is Daryl Browning, m:0419 352 720 e: or Tel: 03 8601 6636.


POSTED 19 Oct 2012
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Get Up targets Woolies

Lobby group Get Up is asking people to print off a letter they have written which expressed disappointment that Woolworths is the largest poker machine owner in Australia. Get Up is askiing people to deliver to the manager of their local Woolworths store. The campaign comes ahead of a extraordinary general meeting on November 22 which Woolworth shareholders linked to Get Up called which will consider Woolworth’s involvement in Gambling. Through its subsidiary AHL, Woolworths operates 12650 poker machines which generated an estimated $1.2b in net gambling revenue. For news report on the fight on Woolworths written in the Sydney Morning Herald by Richard Willingham click here.

For article written by Henry Hamelink on the dangers of Get Up and being involved with them see article on the Association for Reformed Political Action Facebook page.

POSTED 19 Oct 2012
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ARPA talks

The secretary of the Association for Reformed Political Action, Warnar Spyker, spoke to the congregation meeting of the Free Reformed Church of Byford on Feb 27. Mr Spyker spoke about the aims of ARPA, the different legislation that was going through the Federal and State Parliaments and encouraged attendees to get involved. To organise ARPA to speak to your congregation email for more on ARPA via Facebook click here.

POSTED 6 Mar 2012
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Facebook Portal

A new Facebook page, Christians in Politics Portal has been set up to facilitate discussion around the world about issues relating to a Christian view on politics and society. The portal is spearheaded by the Dutch ChristenUnie Party. It strives to provide an international exchange between Christian political actors. It includes a speech given by Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Andre Rouvoet as part of Calvin Week which talks about the role of Calvinism as an indepensable and renewing force in dutch politics.

For more:

For page:

POSTED 19 Mar 2010