Movies Create Violent Poeple?

Following the killing of 12 people at the screening of “the Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado, US, questions are being asked as to the role that violent movies and video games play in developing violent people.

Dr Ted Baehr from said: The fact is that this is an evil act committed by an evil person, who did not know the truth of Jesus Christ that would set him free from such wickedness. The answer is not more laws, the answer is not to banish movies, nor neuroscience programs, nor weapons that can be used to protect, but rather to get the Word of God out. Because ‘faith comes through hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ (Romans 10:17).’ For more on his comments click here.

Dr Ted Baehr, from also said now was the time to speak to movie makers to ensure Christian values are instilled in movies. He said now was a tremendous opportunity to encourage movie makers.

Resistant Thinking’s Cameron Spink, also wrote a blog on what people should make of the killings as did Bill Muehlenberg from CultureWatch titled Turning around a culture of violence.

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POSTED 27 Jul 2012
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TV rules push

The Australian Law Reform Commission is calling for a new level of restriction on games or film on different media. Adult only contect should be classified under the same rules that govern TV and films, a review by the Commission said.

For story click here. For report published 29 Feb 2012 “Classification -Content Regulation and Convergent Media ALRC Report 118” and recommendations click here.

POSTED 6 Mar 2012
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R18+ Games

At the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting in Adelaide recently all states and territories, except NSW, gave in-principle support for the classification change which will now allow R18+ games to be sold in Australia.

To read more and to answer a poll: are you for or against R18+ video games:

WA Politicians rail against R18+ games. For story:

POSTED 15 Aug 2011

R18+ Rating

WA MLC Nick Goiran writes in the Weekend Courier (Sept 10, 2010, p13) against a push to introduce R18+ rating for video games. He says the rating will introduce more violent games into Australia. He says such games do not provide a positive contribution to society. For letter:

POSTED 17 Sep 2010

R-Rated Games

As at April 28, 2010 a total of 128 letters had been sent to the Federal Attorney General using the website. The Australian Christian Lobby is fighting to stop R-Rated Games from being allowed into Australia. The Standing Committee of Attorneys General (SCAG) is meeting on May 7 to consider whether to allow R-rated computer games into Australia.

Action: The Australian Christian Lobby is asking people to write to their state Attorney General asking them not to support the proposal to allow R-rated computer games. For more and to get involved in the campaign and to write a letter to your attorney general visit:

POSTED 4 May 2010
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