Council for the National Interest-Dr Gary Johns

The Hon Dr Gary Johns will speak on the topic, Federal Election 2013 – what can voters expect? It is organised by the Council for the National Interest and will be held 7.30pm, Tues 20 Nov 2012 at the Royal Perth Yacht Club, Crawley. Dr Johns was a Hawke Govt Minister and is associate professor of the public policy institute at the Australian Catholic University. Topics will include carbon abatement, welfare, superannuation, education and immigration and Asylum seekers. For details e: or call 9277 1266.


POSTED 13 Nov 2012
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Multicultural Guide

The WA Govt has produced a practical guide to assist local governments to improve their responsiveness to the increasingly diverse needs of communities in Western Australia.

For press release from Minister for Citizenship and multicultural interests John Castrilli:

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POSTED 28 Aug 2010
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Refugee Facts

The UN’s High Commission for Refugees released this month its annual report on refugees. It shows the number of displaced people worldwide is the highest since the 1990s. There are 43.3m people forcibly displaced around the world. Pakistan has the most refugees with 1.7m ppl. Africa has 40% of displaced people in the world. Four in five refugees are in developing countries. The report shows that Canada has 169,000 refugees and 61,170 asylum seekers. Australia has 22,548 refugees and 2350 asylum seekers. The Netherlands has 76008 refugees, 16245 asylum seekers and 5034 stateless persons.

For more data:

For the report:

POSTED 29 Jun 2010

Multiculturalism Lecture

On June 17, 2010 Prof van Dam from Hamilton, Canada spoke to approximately 300 people at the Southern River Free Reformed Church about the Biblical view on multiculturalism. He used the Old Testament to show how we today need to treat those from other countries. Resistance Thinking, from Saltshakers, has an online discussion on refugees and the Bible.

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POSTED 29 Jun 2010