Film and Literature Classification

The Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Federal Parliament is undertaking an inquiry into the Australian film and literature classification scheme. Among the things it will investigate is the impact of X18+ films, including their role in the sexual abuse of children, music containing potentially offensive lyrics and themes and the possibility of including outdoor advertising, such as billboards, in the National Classification Scheme. For more on the inquiry:

Action: The ACL asks people to write to the Committee highlighting concerns you have with the current classification system. The Committee is seeking written submissions by March 4, 2011 and will report June 30, 2011. More details: (02) 6277 3560.

Send submissions to or:

Committee Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Notes to help prepare submission:

POSTED 30 Jan 2011
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Movieguide iPhone App

Christian movie reviewer has produced an iPhone application that lets people get Christian review of a movie no matter where they are. For app:

POSTED 17 Oct 2010

Movies Family Friendly

To learn more about how movies are becoming more Christian and more family friendly and that more films now have a biblical world view read:

POSTED 28 Aug 2010

Media Watch provides some statistics of note:

  • says in a June 28 report that the number of movies with Christian, redemptive content reflecting a Christian biblical worldview has increased from 10.38% of the major movies released by Hollywood and the entertainment industry in 1991 to 54.51% in 2009, up from 47.8% in 2007.
  • Movies with very strong Christian and redemptive worldviews averaged $65.3 million per movie in North America from 2005 through 2009, but movies with very strong negative or Anti-Christian worldviews only averaged $23 million during that time.
  • R-rated movies among the Top 25 at the Box Office in North America have decreased from 12 in 1996 to only two in 2009.
  • Movies marketed to teens have shown a steady decrease in the amount of foul language, from 35 obscenities per movie in the 1980s to 25 in the 1990s to 16 from 2000 through 2009.
POSTED 9 Aug 2010
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Movie Reviews

Movie reviews from is asking people to support them in changing the anti-Christian culture. To donate:


Despite its title, Creation is the story of evolution’s founding father Charles Darwin and his struggle to write the book that presented his theory of evolution. Very strong humanist, pro-evolution, Anti-Christian worldview about Charles Darwin writing his racist tract THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES.

While the movie is well made, it is merely a one-sided, ultimately emotional propaganda piece that has a lie nicely presented.

For more:


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Strong mixed pagan worldview with strong occult content featuring lots of sorcery with some light Romantic elements of inner strength without God and humanist elements lauding science without God, mitigated by strong moral elements with a slight redemptive hint of sacrifice for others in a plot to stop two evil sorcerers who want to resurrect evil dead sorcerers to control the world; no obscenities but about six or seven light My God, Oh God and God type profanities.

For more:


The movie’s moral relativism and ambiguity, and its use of strong profanities at times, also present problems. Finally, the violence is not extremely graphic and there is no crude sexual content, but there is a disturbing subplot involving suicide.

For more:


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Concert

POSTED 26 Jul 2010
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Get Him to the Greek


The movie is blatantly pagan and hedonistic. It contains excessive nudity, sexuality, aberrant sexual behavior, sexual dialogue, an obscene amount of foul language, violence, vile amounts of drunkenness and drug use. This movie has nothing redeemable in it whatsoever. Any person with any self-respect or any moral decency will avoid this movie at all costs. The filmmakers, Judd Apatow and Jason Segel, need prayer. They need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They are willingly leading the youth who flock to sophomoric comedies like this one down the primrose path of destruction. Please pray for the unwitting people who see this vile movie – that they would come to know Jesus Christ and the truth that will set them free from this horrific type of entertainment! Contains 163 obscenities, 8 profanities.

For more:

POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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The A-Team


Light moral worldview with strong patriotic content and implied references to God and Divine Providence, marred by too much foul language and three pagan hedonistic allusions to sexual promiscuity; about 66 obscenities (including one “f” word seems able to be heard over some loud explosions and gunfire, but mostly “s” and “h” words), 11 strong profanities, three light profanities, and a longer “f” word is cut off twice so it’s not really said, only implied, and thus is not counted; strong action violence with some blood includes gunfire, explosions, fighting, falling from great heights, air battles, and one villain’s neck is crushed by a pile driver move; it is implied that one hero beds two women and slept with an old girlfriend who left the romance because it was getting too serious for her at the time; upper male nudity; alcohol use; character smokes cigar at times; and, villains steal, villains frame the heroes, villains commit treason, and the pagan philosopher Gandhi is quoted regarding non-violence.

POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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Media Watch Round-Up

The Karate Kid

Strong mixed pagan worldview with strong moral elements and some light redemptive elements in story. For more:



Very strong humanist, Anti-Christian worldview full of propaganda and blatant historical falsehoods mixed some historical truth, which depicts some historical Christian figures in the worst possible light. For more:


Live Large

POSTED 29 Jun 2010
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