EU Human Trafficking

Sales of women and girls is booming in Europe according to the Netherlands-based EU crime fighting unit, Eurojust. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Nigeria are the main source countries for the Netherlands. Up to 300 prostitutes work in Amsterdam. For story click here.

POSTED 4 May 2012
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Nigerian Killings

More than 800 people were killed in riots that broke out across northern Nigeria after April’s presidential election, according to an international human rights group. It is reported that 194 churches have been burnt down, 1200 houses destroyed and 15000 people have been displaced. For story:

Action: Barnabas Fund asks people to pray that there will be peace between Nigeria’s Muslims and Christian communities.

Action: Barnabas Fund asks for financial support to help those in Nigeria. To donate:


POSTED 27 Jun 2011

Nigerian Unrest

In Nigeria, at least 20 churches as well as homes and shops were set alight by Muslims upset with the success of Christian president Goodluck Jonathan in the recent elections. The Red Cross says that around 74,000 people have been displaced by the violence.

The Australian Prayer Network reports that the Canadian City of Saguenay has been ordered by the Quebec Human Rights Commission to cease offering prayers at city hall. The city’s mayor Mr Tremblay said he would defy the ruling. For more:


POSTED 3 Jun 2011

Nigerian Killings

In Nigeria two Christian journalists and five others have been killed, reportedly by a group of Muslims. Open Doors Australia is asking people to write a letter of encouragement to a family devastated by violence in Nigeria. They ask that you do not mention Open Doors in your letter, be encouraging, keep the message brief, include 1-2 Bible verses. Greeting cards, artwork by children and postcards are the best. Send the cards in an envelope to:

Open Doors Australia, PO Box 6237, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

Open Doors will then send it on to the persecuted.

For more on journos killed:]

POSTED 4 May 2010
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Nigerian Massacre

On March 7, 500 Christians near Jos, Nigeria were killed, churches and 75 houses were also burned. State Information Commissioner Gregory Yenlong said that people were hacked with axes, daggers and cutlasses after reportedly being snared in animal traps. Earlier this year 300 Christians were killed in the same region. The Australian Christian Lobby called on the Federal Government to register its concern over the massacre.

For ACL statement:

POSTED 19 Mar 2010

Attacks on Christians

Christians worldwide continue to be attacked and persecuted for their faith. Some recent examples:

In Kohat, northern Pakistan, a church was damaged by a rocket fired by Taliban militants on Feb 12. The rocked damaged to outer wall, windows, ceiling, doors and air conditioning system. Source: Barnabas Fund.

In Subahuan, Padang Lawas regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia, two churches and a pastor’s house was set on fire on Jan 22, 2010 by a mob of up to 1000 muslims. Hundreds of Christians fled their homes to avoid possible attack. Source: Barnabas Fund.

In the Nigerian town of Kazaure, Jigawa State 7 churches were burnt on Feb 21, 2010. It comes just weeks after the rioting in Jos that left at least 300 Christians dead.

In Mosul, Iraq, an Iraqi Christian and his two sons were killed in their home on Feb 24, 2010 by three gunmen. It follows a spate of recent killings in the city.

POSTED 8 Mar 2010
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Nigeria Attacks

In Nigeria, Africa, Muslims have been attacking Christians, according to Voice of the Martyrs reports. In one day, in the city of Jos, between 150 to 500 people were killed and 8 churches were burned down. Up to 18000 are said to have fled their homes. Voice of the Martyrs is appealing for support to deal with the situation. For story:

Action: The Barnabas Fund is asking people to pray for these Christians, particularly the young, that they will not be tempted to launch counter-attacks.

To donate:

POSTED 6 Feb 2010