CDP’s Fred Nile on Q&A

Bill Muehlenberg reports that Rev Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party in NSW is to appear on Monday May 27 on Q&A, ABC. To read Muehlenberg’s comments click here

POSTED 21 May 2013

NSW churches unite on retail hours

The NSW Council of Churches has called on the NSW Government to cease further deregulation of retail trading hours in NSW. Council of Churches President, Rev Dr Ross Clifford, said. “We are particularly concerned about proposed amendments to the current Retail Trading Act that  widens the number of businesses that can operate on restricted trading days, and also allows for the stocking of shelves on major religious holidays. We are not convinced that leisure and family time for workers, together with their freedom to worship, will not be abused by the proposed changes to the law,” Dr Clifford said.

The WA Govt has deregulated retail trading hours and recently rejected moves by the Labor Party opposition party to exempt Easter Sunday from unregulated trading.
For story from the Australian Prayer Network click here.

POSTED 4 May 2012
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NSW Govt Death Rattles

Family First NSW Parliamentary Leader Gordon Moyes said what was now occurring in the NSW parliament was the “Death Rattles of a Dying Govt.”

“The next two and a half months will see the greatest Parliamentary assault on pro-life and Christian family relationships ever experienced in over 190 years of the Legislative Council’s existence,” the Rev Dr Gordon Moyes said. “Everything we have fought against and feared is on the agenda of the NSW Parliament.

For Moyes’ press release:

POSTED 13 Oct 2010
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