AFL Considers Homosexual Game

Eloise Johnstone from the Bendigo Advertiser reports March 6 2013 that the AFL is believed to be considering a ‘gay pride’ game this year. She reports that AFL footballers took part in Victoria’s Gay Pride March in February. 

Action: The Australian Family Association asks that you vote ‘No’ to a gay pride round in the poll run by the newspaper.

As at March 7, 50% had voted in favour of a gay pride game.

POSTED 8 Mar 2013
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Euthanasia Poll

People are being encouraged to take part in a poll on euthanasia run by the West Australian. To take part in poll click here. As at 8 Feb 58% (3095 people) said they did not support euthanasia. The poll is part of a campaign to introduce euthanasia in WA. Labor Party leader Mark McGowan said he would introduce euthanasia legislation if no one else did.

For story on euthanasia “Sufferer’s sad goodbye” by the West Australians

POSTED 8 Feb 2013

Hickey fears for children

Angela Pownall, the West Australian, Feb 8, 2012 \”Hickey fears for new age children\” writes about comments from Perth Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey who says child abuse and neglect are on the rise because more children are being brought up by parents in \”unstable\” de facto or same-sex relationships. To read article and to answer a poll on whether you agree with Hickey click here.

POSTED 18 Feb 2012
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Sunday Trading

The Sunday Times’ is running a poll “What do you think of trading on Easter Sunday” and also a separate poll on extended Shopping hours.

As at July 22, 2010 58.64% (1721 votes) said they did not support trading on Easter Sunday.

In relation to the Shopping hours extended poll which asks if people want unrestricted Sunday Trading as at July 22, 2010, 63% (1682 votes) were in favour of unrestricted Sunday Trading.

To place your vote on these polls and other polls visit:

POSTED 26 Jul 2010
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