Schlissel in WA

Rev Steve Schlissel is in WA from 17-21 Sept 2012. He spoke at the Free Reformed Officebearers conference in Bunbury on 15 Sept and is speaking this week in the Kelmscott Free Reformed Church, Lake Rd starting each night 7.30pm. Rev Schlissel is pastor of Messiah’s Covenant Community Church in Brooklyn, New York.

Wed, 19 Sept: In the Beginning, Passover – and the Heidelberg

Thurs, 20 Sept: Pentecost: Fully come or fully gone?

Friday, 21 Sept: Tabernacles: where it’s been headed all along

He will also hold two lectures, 24-25 Sept, in Albany Free Reformed Church, 7.30pm on the topic: Heroes and Heroines of Chanukah.


POSTED 19 Sep 2012
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Schlissel DVD

The DVD recordings of the talks held in Perth by Rev Steve Schlissel, May 24-28, 2010 are available for $25. To order a copy email

For more on the lectures:

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