Dutch Christian Union MPs investigate Swedish Model on Prostitution

“Dutch MPs are to consider outlawing paying for prostitutes as the Netherlands looks to deal with the rapidly growing problem of human trafficking,” reports the Amsterdam Herald (19 Feb). The Christian Union party is sending one of its MPs, Gert-Jan Segers in a fact finding trip to Sweden being led by the PvdA (Labor Party) and supported by the Deputy Prime Minister, Lodewijk Asscher.

See Amsterdam Herald story here and AD.nl story here. 

POSTED 8 Mar 2013
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WA and Tassie Prostitution Bills

The Sunday Times, (March 25, 2012 pg9, Joe Spagnolo, Madam aids Pastor MP) reported that Christian Pastor and Member for Morley, Ian Britza accepted $1500 in donations from brothel owner Mary Anne Kenworthy. Britza said he would be supporting the Government bill to legalise prostution but that the donation did not influence his decision.

On March 21, 2012 the member for Carine, Tony Krsticevic MLA tabled a petition of 1078 signatures calling for the WA Prostitution Bill, which will legalise prostitution, to be heavily amended or rejected completely. The Labor Party has said it would oppose the bill while the Liberal Party members have been given a conscience vote.

The Attorney General, Christian Porter is said to be happy to work with the Labor Party to get the Government’s Prostitution laws through Parliament. Until now the Labor Party has said it would not support the bill. Fremantle MLA Adele Carles has gone to Sweden to dtermine whether the model used in that country could be adapted to WA.

Action: People are being asked to thank Tony Krsticevic for tabling this petition.

Action: people are encouraged to speak to their Labor Members of parliament urging them to maintain their opposition to the bill.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, the Attorney General Brian Wightman released a discussion paper on the Regulation of the Sex Industry. Submissions are due by 9 March. For more info and discussion paper click here.

Action: the Australian Christian Lobby, Association for Reformed Political Action, Saltshakers and other organisations say it is a good time to write to local MPs in WA and Tasmania.

Action: The ACL’s Make a Stand Website has launched the “Women are worth more” campaign for Tasmania in addition to the WA campaign of the same name. Send your local MP a letter using the Make a Stand website.

In the WA campaign as at 25 March 2012, 1207 people had sent a letter to their MP using this service.

In the tasmanian campaign as at 25 March 2012, 508 people had sent a letter to their MP using the Make a Stand website.

POSTED 6 Mar 2012
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Abortion Funding

The British, Swedish and Dutch governments are funding an Abortion Pill Consortium Targeting Poor Countries. For story in C-Fam by Lisa Correnti: http://www.c-fam.org/fridayfax/volume-14/british,-swedes-and-dutch-fund-abortion-pill-consortium-targeting-poor-countries.html

POSTED 10 Nov 2011
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Gender Neutral Sweden

A pre-school in Sweden has banned gender terms. Instead of referring to children as ‘him’ or ‘her’ or boys and girls the staff addresses them as ‘friends’. The colour of toys and books have been carefully chosen so that the children don’t fall into gender stereotypes. For story: http://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/pc-preschool-bans-words-him-and-her/story-e6frg3pl-1226082909254

POSTED 2 Jul 2011
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