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Open Doors has released its annual list of the top countries were pesecutions occur. Topping the list, for the 11th year in a row is North Korea,. Five new countries, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Niger entered the list for the first time. The report says there are an estimated 100 million Christians that are being persecuted.  Egypt was 25th on the list, just below Tanzanzia. Vietnam was 21st on the list. The countries that took part in the “Arab Spring” have seen an rise in persecution as a result of the rise in Islamism. For full list details click here.

Action: Opendoors asks that people pray for those countries in the 2013 World Watch list. Pray for the Christians living in these places. Pray for the leadership of these nations, pray that God will continue to strengthen His church in these countries.

POSTED 19 Jan 2013
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Vietnam violence

Leaders of the 2200-member Agape Baptist Church (ABC) — a house church network near Hanoi — were violently assaulted on Sunday 13 November, Compass Direct News reports. They were meeting in Lai Tao village, Bot Xuyen commune, My Duc district at the home of evangelist Nguyen Thi Lan, a former Communist Party (female) official who recently converted to Christianity. Unhappy about conversions in the village, the gang of over a dozen local people (including plain-clothed police) burst in beating the leaders while looting and ransacking the home. For more read the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

POSTED 23 Dec 2011
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Vietnamese Crusader

One lone Vietnamese crusader, Marie Alfonse Nguyen Ngoc Thanh has persuaded around 1,000 pregnant women over the past six years against having an abortion. Vietnam, where international abortionists such as Marie Stopes are busy, is said to have about 2 million cases of abortion a year.

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POSTED 4 Oct 2011

Vietnam Massacre

Tribal Hmong people, or Montagnards, in Vietnam were said to be killed when 7000 of them gathered on a mountain to wait for the return of Christ on May 21, 2011 as predicted by Harold Camping. Reports suggest that Vietnamese police slaughtered many of the people as they waited and beheaded 2 pastors. They were buried in mass graves. For story:

POSTED 13 Aug 2011

Vietnam Crackdown

Christianity continues to grow in Vietnam despite continued persecution. Estimates say that there are 2 million Christians, up from 100,000 in 1975. International evangelist Luis Palau will travel to Vietnam in April to participate in the first celebrations of the establishment of the country’s Protestant church since the end of the Vietnam War. It will mark the 100th anniversary of Vietnam’s Protestant Church. Meanwhile, according to Human Rights Watch, minority Christians in Vietnam have faced increasing persecutions in recent days. For story on celebrations:

On persecutions:


POSTED 19 Apr 2011

Vietnam Persecutions

The Barnabas Fund reports that on Aug 22, 2010 hundreds of soldiers, riot police and security forces surrounded 32 Degar Christian villages in central Vietnam. The people were told to renounce their faith and officially join the state-approved church with pastors trained by the Govt.

Action: The Barnabas Fund asks people to pray for Christians in Vietnam and that the Govt will start protecting them.

POSTED 17 Oct 2010

Vietnamese Bibles

The Scottish Bible Society has launched an appeal to raise funds to print and distribute 1000s of Bibles to Vietnam to meet the rapid growth in the number of Christians in that country. The Old Testament has been available only since 2004 and the New Testament translation only finished last year. For more on what is needed:

POSTED 19 Feb 2010
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