Abortion Counsellors

Abortion Grief Australia will be training men and women as phone counsellors for its 2 national crisis lines. Two hours once a fortnight, seven sessions. Approximately half of the calls are abortion grief and half pregnancy crisis. Volunteers need to be mature, compassionate, good listeners with a desire to learn. For more details contact Julie: http://www.abortiongrief.asn.au/contact-us.php
POSTED 11 Jun 2012
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Muslim Evangelism Info

Frontline Fellowship has produced a much expanded Muslim Evangelism Workshop MP3 Boxset which includes: Comparing the Quran with the Bible; Understanding the Challenge of Islam; Uprooting Terrorism; Slavery and Jihad in Sudan; Slavery – The Rest of the Story; Guidelines for Evangelising Muslims; Challenging Muslims; The Gospel and Abraham; The Challenge of Islam according to the Reformers; Women in Islam; The End of Islam; Reformation or Islamisation; Revival Amidst Persecution in Sudan; Understanding the Crusades; The Crusades and Jihad; The Great Siege of Malta; Dealing with Guilt Manipulation; Faith Under Fire in Sudan; What is Going on in the Middle East? and Muslim Evangelism.

POSTED 22 May 2012
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EU Human Trafficking

Sales of women and girls is booming in Europe according to the Netherlands-based EU crime fighting unit, Eurojust. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Nigeria are the main source countries for the Netherlands. Up to 300 prostitutes work in Amsterdam. For story click here.

POSTED 4 May 2012
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Abortion death

A woman died after using the abortion pill RU486 supplied by multi-national abortion provider Marie Stopes International. The woman died in 2012. A Coroner decided not to proceed with an inquest into the death. Marie Stopes will not disclose information on the death citin patient confidentiality. The news came out when the Therapeutic Goods Administration confirmed the death.

The Australian Newspaper said (Abortion pill death sparkered warning, James Walker, March 19, 2012)  the health regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, issued a notice to doctors and clinics to review their follow-up care in light of the “bedroom abortion” gone wrong.

It said: “Marie Stopes clinical services director Jill Michelson said of the woman’s death: “This is a tragic outcome and our sympathies are with her family. The coroner dispensed with holding an inquest, and the case is closed.”

The TGA is ‘advising’ abortionists to change their practices to ensure a follow-up is made with women taking the pill to “exclude infections, incomplete abortion and therapeutic failure. Marie Stopes International did  not indicate if it would change its practices.

Culture Watch has written about the war being waged on prolifers. For article click here.

ABC News report: Death may spark backlash against abortion drug

For Life News report: Abortion Drug Kills Woman in Australia at Marie Stopes

POSTED 24 Mar 2012
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PM Talks to Emily’s List

Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke at the Inaugural Emily’s List Oration in Canberra on 13 Sept 2011. Gillard was one of the founders of Emily’s List, an organisation which promotes Labor women in parliament who support abortion. She said Emily’s List retains every part of its original urgency and relevance. “Our job is not done yet,” the PM said. “This is no time to fold up the banners or put away the cheque book.” To read Gillard’s speech see: http://www.pm.gov.au/press-office/inaugural-emilys-list-oration-canberra

Or: http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/julia-gillard-womens-rights-and-emilys-list-equality-to-come/

POSTED 4 Oct 2011
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The ABC Q&A programme (12 Sept 2011) featured Melinda Tankard Reist who spoke about the sexualisation of woman and prostitution laws. For program: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s3310541.htm

SBS TV had a program on 16 Sept 2011 called: Trafficked-The Reckoning, which talks about the trafficking of woman into sex slavery in Australia. To watch or for more: http://www.sbs.com.au/documentary/program/traffickedthereckoning/about/synopsis

POSTED 21 Sep 2011
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Pill Alters Brain

Pro-abortion promoter International Planned Parenthood Federation carries a report in its latest newsletter of new research that found woman have altered memories when they take contraceptives. The research of 3.5m woman found that they remember the emotional impact of an event but not the details. For story: http://www.ippf.org/en/News/Intl+news/Women+on+pill+remember+things+differently.htm

POSTED 21 Sep 2011
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Pregnancy Training

The dates for the Pregnancy Support Training Camp, to be held at Camp Wattle Grove, Perth have changed. It will now be held 26-28 August 2011. The event is suitable for anyone desiring to learn more about supporting women in pregnancy related distress. It is the second annual camp. Last year more than 70 people attended. To receive a registration packet call Pregnancy Problem House on 9344 8337 or email pph.la@iinet.net.au

POSTED 13 Aug 2011
CAT Events
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Cotton On “Sells Violence”

Melinda Tankard Reist reports that clothing store, Cotton On continues to specialise in glamorising violence against women. “Cotton On become quite the seller of pornified images of women,” the Melinda Tankard Reist website reports. She is calling for an inquiry into current legislation for regulating offensive material in public. Cotton On has a code of conduct that includes a code to respect the environment and providing a safe environment for all. For Cotton On code of conduct: http://www.cottonon.com/documents/CodeCon.pdf

Cotton On operates also under the Cotton on Kids, Rubi Stores and Typo Stores brands. For story: http://melindatankardreist.com/2011/07/cotton-on-sells-violence-against-women/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MelindaTankardReist+%28Melinda+Tankard+Reist%29

Some WA Stores:

Cotton On Armadale: 08 9399 1400
Shop 53
Armadale Shopping Centre
206 Jull Street
Armadale 6112
Cotton On Kids Armadale: 9498 2037
Shop 50
Armadale Central Shopping Centre
193 Jull Street
Armadale 6112
Bunbury: 08 9721 4899
S31 Bunbury Centrepoint Shopping Centre
Blair Road
Bunbury 6230
Carousel: 9358 1284
Shop 1076
Carousel Shopping Centre
1382 Albany Hwy
Cannington 6107
Tasmania Launceston Megastore
03 6331 6823
79 St John Street
Launceston 7250
POSTED 19 Jul 2011
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Nando’s “Little Hotties”

Mumbrella reports of criticism over a new advert by restaurant chain, Nando’s which features women in burlesque-style lingerie, is guilty of objectifying women. To watch advert: http://www.littlehotties.net.au/home.php

For story: http://mumbrella.com.au/nando%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98little-hotties%E2%80%99-campaign-sassy-not-sleazy-50971#more-50971


POSTED 2 Jul 2011
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