Channel 10 is showing Californication again. Last year with a strong campaign from Saltshakers and FamilyVoice more than 50 advertisers told Channel 10 they did NOT want their ads shown during the programme. There were 64 companies that did the same in series 1 in 2007. It is being screened Wednesday nights at 9.30pm. Saltshakers is monitoring the program for breaches of the Code of Practice and for some sponsors and advertisers. Last year ACMA found the program breached the code on a couple of occasions but it is still being shown!

Action: Saltshakers is asking people to write a short letter to channel 10.

  • Ask them NOT to show the program.
  • Remind them of the number of companies that have told Channel Ten NOT to show their ads on the program over the past two years.

You will need to send your letter by post or fax (no email address is available).

To find the address for your state go to

POSTED 11 Jan 2010
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